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Mini Roller Banner

Send enquiry to get a price offer

Send enquiry to get a price offer

The smart mini roller banner is perfect sale display for tables and disks in most contexts. Use them for special promotions, on the desk, receptions, counters, showrooms, at school events, stores, banks and restaurants, everywhere you need a small, stand-alone billboard.

These mini roller banners are custom printed with your choice of design. Produced in a light silver aluminium construction for A4 or A3 posters with a professional and quality finish.

The roller banners are easy and quick to set up. Tape on top profile and bottom roller banner makes switching the print easy. New tape must be mounted when you change the print. Mini roller banners are also ideal for sellers on the go.


Print: One-sidedSystem material: AluminiumSystem color: SilverPrint material: Roller banner media or PVCWeigh: Approx. 0,4 kg / 0,3 kgSet contains: Cassette, print, carry bagPrint size: A3 – 30 x 40 cm (visible part), 30 x 47 cm (total print size) / A4 – 21,2 x 28 cm (visible part), 21,2 x 35 cm (total print size)

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