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Pavement Board Wind-Sign Alu Smart

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Send enquiry to get a price offer


Pavement board Wind-Sign Alu Smart is very solid and robust street board that can withstand weather and wind well!

This pavement board has a powerful construction and suspension, is designed for outdoor use and has long durability. It will withstand moisture from rain and snow; Thanks to the vacuum-shaped, stable plastic foot, this street sign is extra protected against rust.

The plastic base can be filled with water or sand (remember antifreeze in water during winter). Choose between two sizes, 50 × 70 cm and 70 × 100 cm. The gate is easy to move with two wheels mounted under the foot.

Posters come in addition, and to avoid problems with condensation, PVC posters are recommended. If you need help designing, our graphic designers can help you.


System material: Aluminium, steel, plasticSystem color: Black, grayWeight: 50 x 70 cm – 10 kg / 70 x 100 – 12 kgContents: Pavement board, plastic coverPoster size: 50 x 70 cm / 70 x 100 cmExtra: Posters

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