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Large Format Prints with 3D Application

Send enquiry to get a price offer

Send enquiry to get a price offer


Build success and stand out from the crowd with our creative, large-format 3D print! Brectus delivers large-format banners with 3D applications. Giving you almost unprecedented opportunities for your magnificent marketing!

With large-format Prints with 3D Application, you can create almost anything. Get a unique opportunity for your large banners to be visible! Be different by combining large banners with specially designed 3D shapes that really shows and capture the attention from long distance.

Modern machines and high technology are important, but skilled employees who see the possibilities and limitations are too. We have both and are able to produce large-format 3D print quickly and professionally for you. More and more companies and organizations understand the effect of distinguishing themselves and exploit this with extraordinary images in their marketing to create a buzz in social media. Contact us for help with ideas and creative solutions.


Print: 360°Print material: PVC


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