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Custom Shaped Inflatables

Send enquiry to get a price offer

Send enquiry to get a price offer


Larger-than-life! High level of imitation of original shapes is what describes the quality of Brectus’s custom shaped inflatables best.

We specialize in custom shaped advertising inflatables and through many years, our manufacturer has gained extensive experience in designing inflatable shapes. By using the best quality of materials, these inflatables have become extremely similar to the original. What about a car, a shoe, a glass, a bottle, an animal, ice cream or a tool? Or what about building products in height? The ideas are countless, as well as sizes and shapes.

The product is filled with air using a built-in fan that starts easily by connecting the power to the outlet. Power cord is included and attached to the bottom. When using indoors, no ropes are required as they stand by themselves. All products come with braces in the top that allow you to attach it to the ground for steady use outdoors.
Take a look at our portfolio and let’s make special eye-catching giant inflatable for your business, sporting event, fair, show or school. Grab the attention of your target audience. We can make almost anything.


Print: 360°Print material: Textile, PVC materiale. Available with B1 Fire Certification..Inside: Open inside for air supplyInstallation: The product is made as a whole, so that air is filled inside..Accessories: Comes complete with bag and power cord.Weight: Very lightweight products


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