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Send enquiry to get a price offer

Send enquiry to get a price offer


Everything your company needs of promotional clothing, company clothing and workwear with a logo.

Create an identity with high recognition factor through clothing, and make sure your customers immediately see where you come from. Your employees will also get a sense of unity when the company has a holistic profile that goes back to profile clothes or company clothes. Brectus can supply most of the high-quality clothing / company clothes and in most sizes, colors and shapes.

Need help with what to choose, or want customized solutions? Contact us and we can make good suggestions on how you can solve their company profile through clothing / company clothing. Our designers are happy to provide suggestions for designing if desired.



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Call us on  +47 21 45 64 00 or send an email on post@brectus.com


Do you want help with design or need a template?Please contact our design department

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