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Trapeze hanging banner

Send enquiry to get a price offer

Send enquiry to get a price offer

Use the opportunity to expose your logo or campaign from the roof above the exhibition stand or at the event with a trapezoidal ceiling system! Great ceiling displays and banners hanging from the ceiling.

Print ceiling display: One-sided / two-sided
System material: Aluminum
System colour: Silver
Print material: Textile
Finishing on print: Edge stitch, with Velcro loops to attached to the aluminum rods.
Contents: Aluminum system + print, suspension + rope, padded bag.
Size of ceiling display:

  • diameter: 300 cm
  • height: 110 cm
  • weight: 25 kg

Trapeze hanging banner (trapez ceiling system) is a great banner system that hangs from the ceiling and looks good from all sides and from a long distance. A superb eye-catcher and campaign from the roof with 360-degree exposure at the fair! Trapeze hanging banners are popular at fairs, shopping centres, shops and events. The collapsible system is easy to set up and take down. The textile cloth provides fantastic reproduction of colors and a nice finish. Sewn-in edges with Velcro loops according to the pattern. The system is delivered complete with graphics, rope and padded carrying bag.

More options: Square hanging banners / Hanging cube / Triangular hanging banners See also our large selection of inflatable furniture where you can unleash your creativity. The furniture is supplied with LED lights with remote control. Use them indoors, outdoors, for VIP areas, sporting events, festivals, terraces, hotels and restaurants. The furniture is super easy to use as it is airtight, which means that it does not need a constant supply of air. Inflate and sit comfortably wherever you are! See our newsletter here .

Keywords: ceiling display, banner hanging from ceiling, round ceiling suspension, ceiling suspension for trade fair

A ceiling-hung banner gives the space above your exhibition stand an eye-catcher that attracts customers! Make your message visible, increase your brand and launch new products with Takheng Rund

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