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With our complete trade fair stands, you have the perfect solution to  be seen at your event! For our stands, we are happy to combine an expo table, a brochure stand and a rollup to get a complete exhibition, the possibilities are huge. No trade fair is too small or too big for us.

Trade fair solutions from Brectus consist of a simple fair wall with a fair table, or several modular walls that become a larger part of a trade fair stand. We have modular walls, cable constructions, high walls, ceiling hanging solutions, walls with light advertising and trade fair tables. Many different sizes and shapes. We have put together event packages that you can choose from, or we help you build your own from scratch.

The exhibition booth also work well as advertising walls, press walls, backgrounds, photo / logo wall (red carpet), stage background, background lectern, etc. for event and arrangement. The areas of use are many, and with the right lighting you are guaranteed to be noticed! New campaign? It is super easy to replace panels or textile prints for your trade fair stand! All our stands are collapsible and portable.

We have fast delivery of trade fair products and trade fair material, so get in touch and we will help you put together everything from simpler trade fair solutions to large, advanced trade fair stands. We can also help with tailor-made solutions for your exhibition.


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