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Roller banners is a simple and affordable way to spread your message! This is our most popular exhibition system and provides effective marketing. You find them everywhere in malls, shops, fairs, conferences, receptions, events, train stations, schools, etc. The banner can easily be changed, they are quick to install and light and easy to transport.

Brectus provides several different sizes and shapes, always of good quality. We have mini size A3/A4 for use on tables or as menus, standard sizes from 30-150cm wide which is perfect for use in offices, fairs, sports venues, etc, yes almost everywhere and we have wider roller banner stands from 180cm and up to 320cm wides, perfect for teaching, fairs, anniversaries or as a wall-mounted background. We will always help you find good solutions! Combine our roller banner with an exhibition wall, an exhibition table and a brochure holder, and you will get the perfect stand, the possibilities are many!

We deliver roller banners up to 3 meters in height. Ask us for advice and make sure you get the best products for your use. We have a large spectre of other display products at favourable prices and good quality. All roller banners come in a handy carry bag. Fast delivery time.


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