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Functional and promotional at once; promotional furniture is excellent for exhibition stands, office space, kick-off or other indoor and outdoor events. Create a fantastic and social meeting place where the graphic profile of your company goes through everything from disk to sofa.

Create unique advertising and profiling for your company or sponsor on all types of shows and events. Featuring modern and efficient promotional furniture such as tables and bars, branded seats, promotional blocks, pads and deck chairs, inflatable promotional furniture, printing cushions and much more. The ingenious, waterproof inflatable furniture can be used in the snow or on water; use them on the company party, for launches etc. Inflatable furniture is the perfect solution if you are often on the go; They are durable, scratch-resistant, easy to carry and quick to install and disassemble. In minutes you have tables and chairs ready for your exhibition stand or your event. All Brectus promotional furniture can be customized with your own design and logo, giving you a fun and unique branding that gets noticed. For inflatable furniture, the pump is included. Minimum order of inflatable: 5 products (different models can be mixed).

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