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We provide prints for publication and boxes that are functional and of good quality, and we deliver fast! Make sure you have a good promotion that are noticed. We assist you with everything you need. Printed effects and boxes are equipment which companies still need.

Everything from letters and envelopes with a logo, to business cards, brochures, notepads, and such are useful in our daily lives. We also make flyers, folders, posters, booklets and magazines, tickets, stickers, notes, folders as well as covers. We deliver boxes made for your needs. With or without prints, in all sizes and with a carry-handle if wanted. What about a giftbox for your customers, or a box with a thick inner lining to protect your products better? Are you in need of assistance of a certain design?

Our skillful designers will hep you making a new layout or design, or give you advice in customizing a design you already got.


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Reach us at: +47 21 45 64 00

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