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Pavement boards attracts the attention for your company! At Brectus you will find the perfect board for your shop or event, whether it will be small and simple or large and robust. We have Pavement boards for both outdoor and indoor use in several sizes, with long durability. They are manufactured in good quality.

Move your marketing outdoors, with our eye-catching Pavement boards. Our quality boards call for attention – and get it! They are easy to set up and it is easy to replace the poster. Street bumps, street signs and pavement signs are eye-catchers, are handy, cheap and highly effective advertising. It is important to buy the right systems for your needs; therefore, we have a large selection and all can be adapted to different environments. If you need it to have good visibility outdoors, you can choose from several large and robust Pavement boards. Good and solid alternatives are our beautiful Rollup Outdoor double-sided and X-Banner double-sided Outdoor. Remember to order posters in either paper, PVC or reflective material.


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