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Parasol, beach parasol and sunshades that combine marketing and function! Our advertising umbrellas with the print of your logo or advertising message are a perfect addition to all outdoor venues for maximum profiling, while protecting your visitors from weather conditions, whether it is sun or rain.

Round and square quality parasols with print are great for companies, nightclubs, private to the garden, the beach, etc. Parasols with a logo are effective advertising at the same time as they are functional and provide sun protection. You see parasols with print everywhere and find them in restaurants, at stalls, on the ski slopes, golf arenas, outdoor events and of course everywhere you want to keep the sun away. Choose from beautiful parasols with print; round, square, pentagonal, hexagonal, with and without crank and lateral rotation. Advertising umbrellas with special prints are tailored with your logo. Fast delivery to all of Norway.

Our smallest model is 1.8 m in diameter and our largest is a full 4 × 4 m. Our advertising umbrellas have a solid construction and several have a double roof construction. Several types of parasol feet to choose from, made to withstand a little weather. If you want additional products such as heating elements and lighting, click here.

Let your parasol provide shelter from fresh weather conditions or the hot summer sun with awnings. Perfect for cafes and restaurants, such as beach umbrellas and events. Combine with Functional and advertising furniture that is excellent for trade fair stands, office premises, kick-off events or other events indoors and outdoors. Create a fantastic and social meeting place with indoor and outdoor advertising furniture, where the graphic profile of your company clearly goes through everything from counter to sofa.

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