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Light sign, light box, illuminated letters, LED street stands or trade fair stands with lights. We make the products visible with luminous advertising and give you the extra attention you need!

Renew your building or wall with LED-lit signs or letters that provide much better visibility than traditional billboards and facade markings.

Pavement board Wind Sign LED is perfect in winter when it is dark. Boards with light creates a bright spot in the dark. LED Light Box is a modular system that is available in many standard forms, but which can also be adapted to your needs. The system is easy to install, weighs little and is easy to transport. With our modular light walls, you are guaranteed to be visible at all trade fairs, activities and events. Advertising materials with lights are a good investment.

Trade fair wall Popup Curved LED wall is a modern trade fair wall with textile print for a successful trade fair stand or event! With backlit textile fabric, you get extra visibility at events and shows, and places with dim light. Printed with your message, logo or images, on the front and on both sides. Frame system with light is an elegant frame system that fits into most landscapes. Whether it is in an office, show room, showroom, trade fair, shop, etc. Alu LED Frame looks almost frameless and can be tailored with lengths of up to 3 meters.

We rent advertising trailers with interior LED lighting that makes your message clearly visible from both sides. Advertising banner with light is a fantastic opportunity to promote your message, logo or image. In the dark of night when everything else nearby is invisible.

Brectus is a total supplier of advertising equipment, trade fair and profiling solutions.


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