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Inflatable products are easy to handle, highly visible and with plenty of space for advertising and profiling! With your own logo and design, on a giant inflatable product, people will difinitely see you. With our huge selection of multi-meter inflatables, following items can be listed: inflatable advertising billboards, promotional archways, inflatable pop up tents, promotional Quick Up columns, inflatable advertising costumes, inflatable promotional stands, advertising balloons, inflatables slides and playgrounds, inflatable climbwalls, inflatable dummy products, Mini inflatables, Sky dancers and Large Format inflatables in 3D.

Our inflatable advertising products are perfect at; fairs, events, sports venues etc. With large advertising, your message is visible from long distances. With integrated light, your attention will increase further and extend to all hours of the day. A new opening or sales campaign supported by highly visible inflatables can attract potential customers. A skydancer provides a highly effective advertising because of it’s impressive size and dynamic movements. All inflatables comes with integrated fans.

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