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Expo tent/pop-up tent and inflatable tent of high quality adapted your conditions! By being creative with design and logo, you can create a smart outdoor stand where you make a difference and will attract visitors to your stand. Connect several tents together, put counters inside and beach flags on the outside. Our exhibition tents and inflatable tents can be used for a variety of areas: sales tent, advertising tent, fair tent, event tent, profiled tent, party tent, sports tent, boots, racing tents, rescue tents, association tents and more. All our expo/popup tents are functional, solid and adjustable in height. Your logo or advertisement can be printed on all walls and ceilings inside and outside. Walls may also be delivered with windows or doors.

The pop-up systems consist of a powerful aluminum frame, robes, trunks, earth plugs and bardons. The tents are steady but at the same time the booth is relatively lightweight and has an elegant and practical design. Choose from several sizes, full or half-width walls, one color or preprint full color print. The tents are easy to set up and take down and can be delivered with a carry bag with wheel. For extra stability or hard weather-conditioned, we recommend that you also add weight bases to the tents.


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