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Expo table, Expo booths, podiums, demo tables or showcases are indispensable for fairs and salesmen on the go! Expo tables are easy to transport and mount, as well as practical and efficient with inside storage. Pre-printed tables quickly become a focal point of your trade show, an ideal meeting place between you and your prospects.

Expo tables are perfect complements to every expo walls, but they can very well be used by it’s own. Perfect at trade fairs, events, promotions, stands as well as sale counters. Combine an expo table with an expo wall, a brochure holder, and rollup, and you will get a complete stand. The possibilities are many.

Brectus have expo tables in a variety of sizes and designs, it is easy to change design and for some tables, you can choose between several colors on the table top. The portable expo tables are easy to mount and disassemble, so they can be easily put in the car, on the plane, etc. Order your expo table today and be ready to meet your customers! Comes with either a carry bag or a trolley.

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