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Present your brochures and flyers elegantly with a great brochure stand. Have something to show on a tablet or TV? Get your TV and iPad into an easy-to-use stand. Our brochure holders and info displays are ideal for shops, trade fairs, receptions, office rooms, waiting rooms, etc. With the right brochure stand or display stand, you will get maximum exposure in a user-friendly height.

Even at thes digital times, prospects, catalogues and brochures are an efficient way to reach your target audience. Brochure stands are a necessity for presenting your prospects and brochures in a well arranged and easily accessible way. In addition, they make a decorative element as an eye-catcher for your potential customers. Combine with an exhibition wall, a counter and a rollup and you will have a complete stand. The possibilities are many.

We have a wide range of stands for brochures, TVs and iPads, for floors, counters and walls. Perfect for receptions, hotels, shops, libraries, etc. All our display stands are easy to assemble and disassemble – you’ll be ready in no time!

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