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The floor provides an unique exposure surface, make sure to utilize it! Specially designed advertising floor mats gives a pleasant welcome to the customers and a positive image of the company! Both advertising mats, rugs, self-adhesive flooring and vinyl flooring provide ideal opportunities for advertising. Expose your message or profiling your company at fairs, shows, events, showrooms, in shops, sport venues, in the office, etc.

If you need large carpets, small blankets, logos mats, red carpets, floor coverings or vinyl flooring, we will help you! Did you know that you can make sound insulation on the wall with carpets? Unleash creativity and create functional and decorative rugs and mats that are perfect for profiling at trade shows or in the office. HD prints of images and logo provide stunning colors and look inviting. Advertising Floor Mats and carpets help keep the indoor climate cleaner and fresher, they will protect against dirt, mud and water and are durable. Whether you need replaceable campaign foil, campaign rugs, vinyl flooring, a single doormat, or permanent, customized interior solutions. We will help you create great and creative solutions for your business.


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